Connect your Google Sheets to Wave integration in 2 minutes

Wave Connect

Wave is designed to help you grow your network and better manage your contacts.

  • After you have imported all the required transactions, it is important that you check if they’ve been properly synced with the Opening Balances.
  • Check the This is a compound tax option if this is a tax that is created on top of a primary tax.
  • Also, you can insert placeholders to display specific field values to your customers.
  • Now, go to your email inbox and use the download link to download the ZIP files to your device.
  • The smartwatch will retail for INR 5,990 once the promo ends.

With additional features like CRM integrations, analytics, and access to Pro content you’ll have everything you need to take your business to the next level. The receipts you had in Wave can be uploaded to Zoho Books where it can be stored securely to create expenses or for any future reference. The receipts will be imported into the Documents module on the left sidebar. Import your bills, and receipts into Zoho Books and ensure that the status of the bills is accurate for it to reflect properly in your Trial Balance report. The opening balances will be imported and you can review the balances to ensure that they are accurate. Click + Choose File and select the Trial Balance report that you exported from Wave using the Wave Connect add-on. Click Import Transactions and the outstanding invoices from Wave will be imported.

Connecting a Wave SoundLink Adapter

So, you can make and receive calls directly from your smartwatch. Moreover, the Wave Connect has a dial pad with up to 20 contacts storage capacity.

Simply create an account, customize your profile, and start sharing. You can also connect your digital profile to any Wave Smart Product. Easily share your digital business card using an NFC-enabled product, QR code, email, text, and virtual background.

Add new Wave invoices to Google Sheets rows

You will have to modify the sheet manually into a suitable format before you can import it. Using this bulk data export option, you will be able to export all your transactions, bills, customers, and vendors as a ZIP file in CSV or Excel format. Also, you will be able to export all the receipts you had uploaded as a ZIP file. If you’ve added your bank account from the list of bank accounts, the bank feeds will be fetched into Zoho Books automatically. If you added the account manually, you will have to import the bank statements manually. We suggest that you import bank statements into Zoho Books after completing the migration process. Zoho Books offers you various templates for all the transactions you record in Zoho Books such as estimates, invoices, payment receipts, bills, vendor payments, journals and more.

Let’s read more about the smartwatch in detail and how it stands against its competitors. It is likely that you may be using the Wave Connect add-on provided by Wave to download and upload data. Using this add-on you can export the products & services and invoices from Wave. The watch is even compatible with Apple Health and Google Fit. Also, you can choose between 100 watch faces from the Boat Crest app. The Wave Connect features a square dial that houses a 1.6-inch HD display. Further, the watch supports the Bluetooth calling feature.